Commissioned artwork

How to commission a painting 

To commission a painting get it touch with me to discuss the details. All I require from you is one or more high resolution photo for reference and a 50% non-refundable deposit. A photo shoot can be arranged to produce high quality photographs for you painting. I make a digital plan for the composition that I send you for approval. After approval I start the work. When the painting is completed, I send you a picture of the final result. Afterwards your payment due and your painting is ready to ship.


We frame all of our commissioned work just like our originals. All frames are hand crafted by my husband, David. We hand pick each board to complement the final look of the artwork. From rough lumber, the wood is molded, shaped, and cut to create the frame. There is no stain or color added to the finishing process, simply a penetrating oil to protect the wood for a lifetime. Our frames are not mass produced, they are individual, specially made for each original painting. By the end you are going to be the owner of a one of a kind artwork and frame. 


Shipping in secure packaging, the prices are depend on your choice of delivery.