About the artist

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and moved to the US after graduating from college. Horses and art have always been an important part of my life, so they have often competed for my attention. I learned to ride English and western in riding schools.

As a child I always had a pencil in my hand, drawing horses. To encourage this natural instinct, my parents sent me to a primary school for art.  From there, in high school, I continued my studies in art. Although, during high school, I started to focus my attention more on my horsemanship. That lead me to an equine university and I graduated as a horse breeder, equine sport organizer, agricultural engineer, with a specialty as a horse riding coach.

During my last year of university, I applied to a guest ranch in Wyoming to work as an intern for the summer.  I have always dreamt of exploring the US, western culture, and learning more about horsemanship. This was a very important time in my life. I met my future husband in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. Two years later, we got married and I moved to Texas with him. He helped me find balance between my love for horses and art. He has been my biggest supporter and I couldn’t do this without him.

I find inspiration for my art in my everyday life with horses. I like to capture those special little moments and use my photography as a reference for my artwork.

I traveled across the world to become a cowgirl and find myself. I get to ride horses and make art on an everyday basis. I found everything I was looking for…horses, art and love.